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Hotmail Support Number to set up account in your Android Mobile Device

Hotmail is one of the perfect and leading web based interface which brings so many outstanding features for users across the entire web world. It is very easy to set up Hotmail account in your android device, but sometimes user get in trouble to set up their email account with their mobile phones. So we are providing here step by step process that will help you to install the same. Hotmail email users might follow the instructions. If they still face any kind of technical issues, contact our Hotmail Customer Service Phone Number 1855-721-1033.

Step by Step Process:

Step 1: Go to the settings in your mail app and add your email account.

Step 2: Write your email address and password and select ‘Manual Setup’ button.

Step-3: Now Click on “Microsoft ActiveSync Exchange” button.

Step 4: Now Fill out the fields as mentioned below:

Domain/Username: Write your email address i.e. or

Password: Mention your email account password here

Exchange server:

Use SLL: Tick this box

Accept all SSL certificates: If you are able to see this option,then tick this box, otherwise leave it.

Use client certificate: Don’t tick this box

Now press “Next”.

Step 5: There are so many choices available, you can opt any choice according to your requirement. Leave your “inbox checking frequency” Automatic (Push) which is suggested if you like your emails to transfer mechanically once they are sent to you. Choose ‘Manual’ (or ‘pull’) if you would keep an eye fixed on your knowledge, therefore emails are solely downloaded once you open your mail app. If you are having the option; set your e-mail size limit that your mobile device can transfer to your required limit (Note: if you select “maximum” or “all”, you will use extra knowledge once emails contain attachments, embedded videos and pictures).

Tap ‘Next’.

Step 6: Now select a name for your new Exchange account and Finish the setup process.

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